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Excuses that Alcoholics Often Say

Posted: March 28, 2015 by in Alcohol Addiction Help Center

alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is not the same as drug addiction

In terms of appearance, an alcoholic drink is definitely different from drugs. However, if we will talk about the effects and consequences that an alcoholic beverage has on your health both physically and mentally: alcohol addiction can produce the same damaging results as any other form of drug addiction. Alcohol addiction can cause major changes in the brain and body. In the long term, it will affect your career, health, and relationships. When alcoholics abstain from drinking, they experience withdrawal symptoms; the same way a drug addict feels when he or she quits drugs cold turkey.

Having a stable job does not make me better than all the other alcoholics out there

Nobody is exempt from the term alcoholic. Alcoholism is not based on your stature in life, anyone in the society can fall into the trap of alcohol abuse. Whether you have a job or not, homeless or not, you can become an alcoholic if you cannot control the amount of your alcohol consumption. A lot of alcoholics are salarymen and can still provide for their families. But that doesn’t mean they are “better” than other alcoholics out there. Sooner or later, the effects of alcohol will become apparent in their lives.

Alcoholics are only those people who drink really high alcohol content beverages

Being alcoholic is not only defined by the type of alcohol or its alcohol content, what defines alcoholism are the effects and consequences that drinking alcohol brings to your life. If you often find yourself in a lot of trouble during or after drinking, it’s because that’s one of the negative consequences of consuming too much alcohol. In addition, if some or most of the troubles you face pertain to your family, home-life, or your workplace, it only means you are dealing with more negative consequences linked with alcohol addiction.

No one has the right to tell me to stop, because drinking concerns only me.

It is true that the responsibility of drinking alcohol is solely your own decision. However, it also affects the people around you. Especially those who care about you the most, your family also suffers the pain of addiction. It may come as a shock to you, that drinking does not only hurt you: the truth is other people around you worry about you as well.

Drinking can be stopped any time I decide to quit it

Most of the time, this is just an excuse made up by alcoholics so they could keep on drinking. Telling yourself that you’ll have a drink for the very last time is a difficult promise to keep. Even if you can really stop any time you decide to, most likely you can’t. Stop giving yourself false self-confidence. Start seeking help from a treatment center rehabilitation and work your way towards clean living.

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