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alcohol addiction

Alcohol addiction is not the same as drug addiction In terms of appearance, an alcoholic drink is definitely different from drugs. However, if we will talk about the effects and consequences that an alcoholic beverage has on your health both physically and mentally: alcohol addiction can produce the same damaging results as any other form […]

10 Tips on How to Recover from Addiction

Addiction recovery is possible! Getting help from professional that approaches, addiction as a disease is an initial step toward successful recovery. By succeeding the recommendations of experienced addiction specialist with access to up-to-date in medications and therapy, addicted individuals will have the best chance to recover and sobriety. The image shows the top 10 keys […]

Heroin Addiction Can Ruin Your Life

Heroin is highly addictive to a point where nearly ¼ of people who use heroin develop a dependency to it. Once addiction has developed, users will stop at nothing to get more of the drug, even it means risking their job, damaging relationships with loved ones, and even putting their life in immediate danger. Heroin […]

group help

There are two stages of addiction recovery that are considered to be the most difficult, according to people who staff rehab facilities as well as individuals who once been through rehab themselves: Admitting that you are an addict, and Maintaining your sobriety. Both statements are true for just about anyone in recovery, but it’s the […]